Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lot of things going on this week, unfortuanely running has not been one of them!! :(

Last run was my 7 miles on Sunday.  My legs were sore for a couple days after and so I rested.  I have a 3k race this weekend that I am looking forward to and I didnt want to be in pain for it. so today I biked instead of ran.  I will bike tomorrow too. 

Yesterday we accepted an offer on our house and hopefully if everything goes according to plan will be moved by the middle of April!!  Now to begin packing!!

Jeremy and I both ordered some running shoes off amazon last weekend.  His came today, mine should come tomorrow!!  He got the Asics 2160 in red.  He has been wanting red shoes since he started running but could only find a wide in blue.  But now he has red and is a happy boy. 

We also ordered some green CEP compression socks.  Because of my man calves (seriously they are almost as big as Jeremy's) I had to get men's socks.  But on the practical, frugal side, we can both wear them!  :)

Dont forget about my 100th post giveaway here.  Last day to enter is Saturday!


  1. Congrats on the offer! I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

  2. Congrats on selling the house

    So, what color shoes did you pick, the readers were hoping purple, did the majority win?

    I want a pair of those CEP socks

  3. Let me know how the compression socks work out for you. I would love to get a pair.

  4. Yay for new shoes! That's exciting! :0)