Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waited too Long

Last month I signed Jeremy up for the Ky Derby Half Marathon.  I didnt sign myself up at the time bc I was waiting to make sure I was going to be in shape enough to do it. I really want to break 3 hours (my last half was 3:00.42 - so close!) but I haven't been close to the practice run times I had before the fall half.

Well, Twila sent me a text a night or two ago and said she had looked and it was full!  WHAT?!?! Both the full (which I never plan on doing) and the half are full.  they have 250 charity bibs to give away 2 days before the half but you have to be there at 11am to get one and there's no way I can go and try.  

I was up to 7 miles on my long run and was set to do 9 this weekend.  But with the half being closed I dont know what to do...

1)do i continue my half training and try to keep it at a level where i could run a half at any time like jeremy does (even though there are no half's close that i want to do til the fall) 
2) do i change my goal and focus on my 5k time/speed and trying to break 30 minutes this summer? 

What's a girl to do?


  1. The Country Music Half in Nashville is that same weekend...have you considered it?

  2. With Jeremy doing the Derby the same day, I dont want us to be in opposite directions/states for our half's. Plus we already have a hotel room in Lville the friday night before. so it would be double hotel, etc. The Pig is in cincy the next day but bc of me working on Sunday's I'm afraid we wouldn't get back in time for me to go to work. :(

  3. I would mix the both of them, you never know when a new race or something will pop up allowing you to race, so keep training your half and throw in speed work, How I would approach it

    Goal A - Sub 30 5k
    Goal B - Keep long endurance up to be half mary ready within a month

  4. I would keep your mileage up and continue to look for a half mary and combine tempo/speed work too.

  5. I think you could do BOTH! Focus on your long runs 2-3 times a week. Then on the other running days focus on SPEED training (interval runs or hills).

    Adding strength to your fitness routine will also benefit your running too (endurance and speed).

    Good luck!

  6. Keep that mileage up. Your bound to find a good half to run in the near future.