Friday, March 25, 2011

Four for Friday

Thanks for all your comments on my last post.  I am going to keep up with my long runs on the weekends (although I'm taking this weekend off) and during the week - work on speed!

1.  I love Starburst Jellybeans!  They are the best jellybean ever and I hate that they only carry them at Easter time.  I bought a bag on Monday and they are already gone.  Luckily for me, Jeremy doesn't like them, so they are all MINE!

2.  I had  a swim parent from another team make a couple tshirt quilts for me.  One was for me that had all my swimming tshirts from when I swam and all my coaching shirts.  There is 26 years of swimming wrapped up in that quilt! 

The other quilt I had made was for Jeremy.  He loves his race shirts, but can't wear them all and didnt want to get rid of them, so what else is there but to make a quilt of them!! 

3.  Last night we had our high school swim banquet.  This is my last year and I did get choked up a couple times.  Before the banquet I met the kids that had broken school records at school so we could switch out their names. Gotta a little teary during this as well. Some of the records had been there for a long time and I was glad to see them get broken while I was the coach. 

J. Snider

O. Stone

A. Rudd

4. Starting next Monday, Jeremy and I are going to start "dieting". I hate to say dieting because it should be a lifestyle change, yada yada. But we have to "diet" first and change our eating habits to make it a lifestyle change.  In the past I have lost weight and it has come back on with force.  I hope that I can lose and through running keep it off this time.  There have been a lot of articles written on the book "Racing Weight" that I have read (even though I haven't read the book) that say you should work on your weight before you train for something big.  So, I guess this goes back to what I posted the other day -

Should I focus on my eating habits and weight now only for a month or two since I dont have a half coming up?? or Should I continue with what my current plan is (long run still on weekend, speed during week) and change my eating habits at the same time? 

When I trained for the half last fall, I lost about 15-20 pounds but it took several months for that to happen.  I was running more than I ever had, plus biking.  It came off a lot slower than I though it should. I'm sure I was building muscle and all that jazz but I really wanted to see that scale drop! For those of you that have read the book, what do you suggest?  I need to buy it and read it myself, but just some quick comments would help get me started!


  1. STARBURST JELLYBEANS!!! I love them!!! After easter, they go on clearance, thats when you stock up on them!!!

    Where did you have those quilts made, my shirts are starting to pile up and I really dont wear them

  2. Who made those tshirt quilts? I have a bunch of sorority shirts that I would love to made into a quilt!

  3. I want to know where you had the quilts made too...and I think I would focus on both at the same time. Does the running help take focus off of food? Or...does the running make you so hungry you might be tempted to "fall off" the good eating wagon?