Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Changes are a Coming

Jeremy found out yesterday that he will be moved to first shift starting on Monday. We knew this would happen and that it would be happening within the next month or so but it is now official.  Which makes our schedules now completely opposite of each other, him on first, me on second. At least until mid-May, then I'll be on first also until the end of August, then it's back to second!

He will be getting an hour lunch now (point for him). Because he wont be there in the morning for me to see before he goes to work, I can sleep in an extra hour before going in to my hour and a half part time job (point for me).  Our weekends will be the same but we will get more time on Friday afternoon/evening (point for both of us).

It also means that instead of him cooking lunch and me dinner, I will do lunch and he will do dinner.... which does worry me a bit.  We may need to switch the "big" meal of the day to be at lunchtime!

I have found several recipes on pinterest that I'm excited about making soon.  They look to be nice and easy, with few ingredients! My kind of cooking!

On a bright note, Easter is almost here and I can drink soft drinks again!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I plan on not going back to drinking them as much as I was before, maybe one every 2-3 days.  We shall see how that works out though.

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  1. I wish my husband would cook even a little. I really hate cooking! I gave up soft drinks in college and now have maybe one or two a month, but would rather have water for the most part. Hope the shift change works out good for you guys!