Monday, May 28, 2012

5K recap and Memorial weekend fun

On Saturday I did a 5k with my sister in law. She had finished couch to 5k a few months ago but due to her work schedules hadn't participated in one yet. Jordan was also off so they came down and were able to run. Unfortunately jeremy had to work and wasn't able to run in the 5k.
Anna wanted to break 45 minutes, jordan wanted to break 20 minutes. I just wanted to finish!

It was very hot and humid. At 8:30am it was already over 80 degrees. Anna was also going to push Andrew in the stroller during the 5k which made it even harder!

Ready to start the race!

As we were running his hair was cracking us up!

Passed out asleep by the end of the 5K.

We ran and walked the 5K. We finished under 45 minutes with a time of 44:40. In two weeks there is another 5K at the same place and I am going to run with Anna again. Next time she won't have the stroller so she can see what her time would be without pushing it!

Jordan was winning the 5K overall and was a good quarter to half a mile ahead of the second place person but took a wrong turn at the end and ended up finishing 4th overall. He was very upset and disappointed. He would have broken 20 min easily.

You can see Jordan but the rest of the runners aren't even in the picture he was that far ahead within the first half a mile.

Thankfully he will be able to do the race in a couple weeks as well, but it has a bigger turnout than this one does. Which means he most likely won't be the lead runner, but hopefully won't get lost!

The best part is that because it was such a small race, less than 60 runners, we all got an award in our age group! I have never placed in a 5K, so I was super excited about it. I had thought the awards were by 10 years, but turns out they were by 5! When Anna got an award for her age group, I thought I might have a chance to get one for mine too and I did!!

Saturday night Jeremy and I went to Cincinnati with my college roommates and their husbands and one of our high school friends who was kid free for the weekend. We ate dinner and went to a Reds game. We had so much fun!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! It was great getting together with them and remembering the funny things we did in college!

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  1. ahhh!! congrats to everyone! on all the AG wins and to your SIL on her first 5k! and wow...Jordan is crazy speedy! and a perfect outing later with the baseball game:) i love MLB games!

  2. Congrats on the race!!

    Your the third blogger I know that went to Cincinnati on Saturday. I was also in Cincinnati on Saturday racing in the the morning, I went home after the race though

  3. Bummer for Jordan taking a wrong turn, great job to all of you!