Sunday, May 6, 2012

Derby Stakes 5K recap

Friday night we went up to Lexington to stay with Jeremy's brother and family so that we would not have to get up super early to race on Saturday.  We ate Japanese. I had sushi which doesn't bother my stomach as much as hibachi.

We woke up about 4AM to the sounds of storms and feared the race might be cancelled.  Luckily the rain and storms subsided by the time we got to the race.  We picked up our packets and found Jeremy's dad who was also running. 

Jeremy did the 15K, while his dad and I did the 5K.  My first mile was great and I ran it in a 10:15, which is super fast for me.  The second mile though got me and I had to walk twice during it.  Jeremy's dad and I were side by side through mile 1 until I had to walk.  He kept running and although I could see him in front of me I never could catch back up to him. He ended up beating me by a minute. I finished strong for the third mile and was able to get a new PR. (I have decided I'm not going to count the 5K time from the indoor tri, since it was with my foot pod and I'm not exactly sure how accurate it is indoors.) 

I have a lot of excuses for this race: it was hilly, super humid from the rain that had just ended, the temperature was in the 60's already at 8:30am and my new skort started rubbing my legs right on the spot where they were already chaffed from the Derby Half.  I'm hoping they wont bother me in shorter races, that it was just because I was already chaffed.  Either way I'm going to have to find something different to wear for the 5K and the Cleveland Half!!   I'm disappointed I wasn't faster but I am still happy I got a new PR.  I feel that the race this upcoming Saturday will be better because it's got several downhills which are always good! 

The race gave away a lot of door prizes and we walked away with a free pizza coupon, a pound of Goetta sausage (which is delicious if you haven't had it before), and a coupon for $15 off a RoadID.  Since Jeremy and I already have a RoadID we gave that coupon to his dad. 

Jeremy had a good race and made the statement afterwards that he enjoyed running again.  He had really been down and out about running since the marathon last week. He is going to do the 5K on Saturday with me, since he is running 13 or so miles beforehand to get in a last long run before Cleveland.  I'm hoping he can help pace me so that I can get another PR. 

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