Monday, May 14, 2012

Jennie Carol 5K recap and new shorts

This is the third year I have done this 5K. The race is in memory of a teacher who choked and died a week after finishing the KY Derby mini-marathon.    Jeremy was going to run this race with me and try to pace me, as he was running 15 miles before the race started.

I wanted to try to PR at this race because it's one of the faster courses around.  I was going to have Jeremy keep me around an 11:00 min pace.  Knowing that my second mile is always incredibly slow, I was going to make up a little time during mile 1 to compensate. 

My first mile was 10:38, a little slower than the previous week but not far off and it still was under 11. 
Mile 2 was 11:40.  Faster than last week, but slower than 11 obviously and I was over my 11 min average pace.  Which meant mile 3 would have to be 10:30 or faster. I knew it wasn't going to happen. Jeremy told me I was going to have to pick it up but there was nothing to pick up. I ended up finishing 1 minute exactly slower than last week. :(  I just lose it in mile two every time and can't recover.  I don't know what it is..  Both miles one and three are faster than mile two. 

at the finish line

Last night we took my mom and dad out for Mother's Day. We also stopped at Dick's to look at their heatgear.  I ran in some capris that I had on Saturday but knew they would be too hot for Cleveland.  (The low is supposed to be 57, high of 76).  I wanted some longer shorts or capris that wouldn't hit where my previous chaffing occurred.  I found some UnderArmour Heatgear shorts that hit right above my knee. They feel great on!  I will of course wear running shorts on over top of them bc I dont' have the body not to! I'm so exited to have shorts that won't chaff me (hopefully)!!

I have decided after the Cleveland Half, which is next Sunday that I'm going to take a racing "break".  I have had 4 in four weekends and to be quite honest I really don't like to race.  I am too competitive and just dont have the running skill or speed to do well in races.  I'm sure losing the 30+ pounds I need to lose would help.  After Cleveland Jeremy and I are going to start LiveFit and start eating "clean". I'm hoping this will jump start our weight loss and thus will help with my running speed.  I'm sure I'll race again but at this point in time I'm not sure when that will be. 


  1. Congrats on your race! I'm doing LiveFit but not the diet. So far so good.

  2. Congrats on your race! It is always good from time to time to take a break from racing to recharge! Good luck with LiveFit!

  3. congrats on the race. I am slow, but I know if I go out to quick the first mile it is all down hill from there. I have to do my best to keep it even. Good luck on your half.