Monday, May 7, 2012

Do you use a Pace Group?

I have been looking into the Cleveland Marathon that is in two weeks and have been contemplating signing up for a pace group.  I am only doing the half, the race only has pace groups for the full. But the half and full course are the same through mile 11-12. 

The slowest pace group they have (5:25) would put me finishing about 7 minutes faster than my PR time from West Virginia and 10 minutes faster than my half at the Derby last week.  Can I keep up is the question?  I run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute and was ahead of the 5:30 pace group at Derby til mile 8 when I started to fall apart.  They passed me right before the full course split off.

I'm wondering if I go slower at the start, will I have enough in the tank at the end to still keep a steady pace and keep up with them OR will I still hit the wall and then have an even worse time because I went slower at the start and still died off at the end??

Any suggestions or experiences that you can share with pace groups and what works best for you would be much appreciated!! 


  1. I dont have any insight on this one, I almost tried out a pace group for my last half marathon

  2. I've never used a pace group but I don't think that it would hurt to try starting out and keeping a steady pace. I started to do this for my half marathons and really was surprised at how much better I did.