Friday, July 15, 2011

Deuce and running update

Deuce seems to be doing better.  Wednesday I got him to eat a little food at lunch time from my hand, but then he wouldnt eat any more that night.  Yesterday, he ate a cup full of food after I got off work at 4:30 and an occasional treat throughout the night.  He wouldn't eat out of his bowl though, only my hand or off the floor.  He has been downing some water though. I think the anti-infection medicine must be making him super thirsty!  This morning he wouldnt' eat but a bite out of  my hand and none off the floor.  But he does seem to be feeling better and has been smiling and wagging his tail.  So thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers.  it was a scary few days.

Now to running.... I missed my 8 miler last weekend. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill Sunday night and then again Monday night, but haven't ran anymore since. It's been a crazy busy week! (see previous posts) I have decided to do the 4 that is on the schedule for this week and change next week's 10 miles to 8.  If I'm feeling good on Saturday I'll try to get in 6, but will definitely do 4. 

I did have swim lessons Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night so I walked in the pool for 45 minutes each of those nights.

Monday I also did Shred with Weights for the second time.  my hamstrings were sore from the squats Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was a little disappointed that my arms and back weren't sore.  That's where i want it to burn!  Maybe i need more weight? or an actual kettle bell??  to get the "burn"!


  1. Good to hear he is doing better, I am rooting for him!!!

  2. I am your newest follower form the hop. Would love for you to visitmy blog & follow back!!!

  3. Popping by from the blog hop...
    will check and sparkles bloghop also! now following can also get be at

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    Hi Crystal, I love to run! Although I don't run much in the summer. I'm doing the P90X & treadmill now. I am also trying to eat clean. Any insentive I can get would be great! You can follow me at:

  5. Thanks for linking up again! Glad Deuce is doing better. :) Good luck with the running.

    Sparkles & Bugs: Fitness Fridays!

  6. Would love to try kettlebells but am not sure if a class or dvd would be better.

  7. I love when I reach the "burn" in a workout! I noticed you ran the Mini Heart Half. This is the first year I didn't run since moving to Ohio. I'm also doing the Virtual Insanity Race Series. In fact I'm starting a local Moms Run This Town group in Liberty Township/West Chester. Based on your races maybe you're close enough to join :)

    Thanks for linking up with FF!

  8. I don't think I ever "burn". . . That might explain some things, too. :)

    Glad Deuce is smiling and wagging.

    (Friday hopping a bit late).

  9. So glad he's ok! How scary!!!

    I love Shred it with Weights! Have you tried level 2? I'm not brave enough yet! LOL I did the first few days with a 5 lb weight, then I bought a kettle bell. I think I like it with the weight better!

  10. yep, if you aren't feeling it...increase the weight :)