Friday, July 1, 2011

first "speed" run

last night 4 miles was on the schedule.  during those 4 miles I was supposed to do 3 * 800's at 5:50.  once again i was not feeling up to a run but i know i have to do it anyway, especially since i skipped out on tuesday's run.  but this was my first "speed" run on the half/5k training program, so i headed up stairs at 9:45pm. 

i have recently (in the last 2 years) been watching The Office.  I had never watched previous ones until last week when I started dvring them.  i decided it would probably be a better idea if I went in order. so i borrowed seasons 1-3 from Angie and popped in the first season for my first speed workout. 

jeremy had replaced the battery in the footpod the day before but still didnt think it was working, so i thought i'd give it a try.  thankfully it was working!  i did the first mile easy, then started in on the 3 * 800's with 400 jogs in between.  my pace for the 800's was a 4:58!!!  woohoo - 1 minute faster than i was supposed to go!  one of the 400's inbetween was a walk rather than a jog.  I was sweating horribly and needed a break to desweat! 

after the 800's i still had a mile left to do, but wasn't feeling it.  i did .25 and got off.  i was planning on being done, but after i wiped the sweat off, i decided to get back on and finish the mile up.  so glad i did!

of course then jeremy got home a little bit later with fresh no bake cookies that he got from a lady at his work.  i devoured three of the 4!! :( 

but in my defense it was my last day of my ww week and i had already weighed in for the day!  Down 2.6 pounds!!  finally got my "vacation weight" off plus another pound!


  1. Great job on your first speed run

  2. Pretty impressed with your times on your speed run! Wow! You earned those cookies :-)

    I'm a new follower from Jill's Blog Hop. Hope you can visit me!


  3. Nice speed work, I ran 4 yesterday as well, minus the speed work

  4. NIce work on the run!!! I'd say you earned them cookies!! Here from FF!

  5. Yay! Great Job and definitely earned the cookies :) Thanks for linking up!
    I hope you'll join in again next Friday :)

  6. I'm here from the blog hop! Good job on the speedwork - it's something I struggle with doing (mostly in motivation!)

    And, the no bake cookies... YUM!

  7. that's awesome, congrats!! :)

  8. Speed runs are a necessary evil but when you're done it feels great to have pushed it!

    Thanks for linking up with FF!

  9. congrats on the speed run and the weight loss! Following from Jill's blog