Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Negative Nelly

I have a 5k next sat, the 13th.  the course is fast and most everyone gets a pr there.  the next two weeks i'm going to focus my shorter runs on trying to do negative splits. i always go out fast, then can't get faster at the end, each mile gets consecutively slower. I have tried to hold back on the first mile, so i have some gas at the end but that has never worked out either.  I just ended up going even slower the second and third miles!!

so last night i did 2 miles on the treadmill.  i have been running around an 11 min pace on the treadmill consistently and wanted to try to start there and then get faster, rather than last week when i started fast then had to get slower.  I ran the first mile in 11:30 and was feeling pretty good. I was tempted several times to turn the speed up but didn't until i had done 1 mile. When it hit I turned it up so that I was now doing a 10:30 pace.  I had to slow it down towards the end of the second mile to a little under 11:00.

I finished the two miles with a pace of 11:04. the first mile was almost one minute slower than the second mile!  I did it! I was able to negative split!  I'm going to continue to work on this and add some distance to the 2 miles over the next two weeks to get my body used to going faster as I go, rather than getting slower.


  1. Awesome job! I feel like you I'm stuck in a rut of the same consistent pace (an 11 min. mile). Wish we could run together!!

  2. that's great! Running on the treadmill is so hard sometimes.

    I have a race on the 13th too. I'm nervous. I signed up for the 10K but now I'm wishing I'd signed up for the 5K instead, lol. Good luck!!