Monday, August 8, 2011

The trun run, a long run, and a spectator

This was a very running filled weekend.

Friday night a friend and I did the Trun Run in downtown Danville.  This is a new race to the area this year and a very different kind of race.  All summer there have been movies shown on Friday nights on a big inflatable screen. 

This past Friday they were showing the movie "Tron" and had a "Trun" run to go with it.  It was a 2.2 mile run through downtown with some obstacles thrown in.  We were supposed to be as lit up and were told to work on our throwing skills..... hmmm what did that mean??

a pic of the other runners

winners of the costume contest

lesley and i ready to go!

lit up and ready to throw my discs

my discs

The race started a little after 9pm.  Unfortunately it was still ridiculously hot and humid out.  We were told that on the course there would be two places where we would throw the discs at a target. If we hit it, then 30 seconds per disc would be shaved off our running time!   I missed both targets.  Although on the second one I hit the poor girl that was holding the target.... i think that should count for some time coming off!  I finished in 30:15. My first mile was 11 something, but mile 2 was horrible. I had to walk a lot.  mainly because one of the other obstacles we had to do was run up a 5 ramps of a parking garage.  just to give you a little idea of how steep the ramps are i took a picture!

imagine this 5 times... :(

cool reflective shirt from race

Overall, it was a fun race, but there could have been some improvements made to make it better. Water on the course for one.  Even though it was only 2 miles it was way to hot for them not to have water on the course.

Saturday morning I got up to do my long run.  Originally I was supposed to do 8 miles but had decided since I had done 2 the night before late, that I was only going to do 6.  I woke up and was a little stiff.  I have been wanting to go back to my run/walk method and thought why not today? I wasn't going for speed, just to finish.  So I ran 8 minutes, then walked 2 minutes for the 6 miles.  My times for miles 1-4 and 6 were good.  Not sure what happened on mile 5 but it was about a minute or more off the others.  My overall pace for all 6 miles was only a couple seconds off my pace the last time I ran 6 miles and 8 miles a few weeks ago.  I thought this was great considering i did the run/walk method on this one!

Saturday night Jeremy and I went to Lexington to watch my niece run in a kids race and then watch her while her parents did the 5k. 

at the starting line

running so fast
 She was so excited to run!  She had told us to yell "Go Anika Go", so of course we did!  She was so cute!
getting a lift from Uncle Jeremy

playing in the fountain while waiting on mommy and daddy to finish


  1. a TRUN... hahaha so cool!!

    It looked like so much fun -- except for that ramp!

  2. That run looked like a blast. :)

  3. That sounds like a cool run! Although those parking ramps would have wore me out too. Nice job!

  4. Trun sounds so cool, I would have done that even though I dont like short races

  5. That all seems so fun! I wish that we were there to cheer on Anika too! I would have loved to yell, "Go, Anika, Go!" with you! I miss my Ellis family!