Friday, December 9, 2011

My 31 Day Challenge

I have committed myself to taking a 31 day challenge.  The challenge being that i have to do at least 1 mile of something every day during December, whether it be running, walking or biking. 

I have started biking again on my exercise bike. I had to look back and see that the last time I was on it was in March! :(   I have biked three times this week though and have really enjoyed it!  Unfortunately the display on the bike is not working properly so I don't know my exact mileage.  I have been estimating it based on the times/miles I did last spring and winter. 

So far I have made it through the first 8 days.  To be honest I hadn't posted about my challenge yet bc I wasn't sure I could do it.  But so far so good!! It has also helped that I have been doing Run With Jess's 12 Days of a Fit Christmas.  You should check it out.  There are still a few days left and every day she draws a giveaway winner from those that have posted. 


  1. WTG with the challenge! I joined Jess' challenge too but I keep forgetting to comment.

  2. You can do this challenge!!! Way to go! I'm with Jill...I keep forgetting to comment!

  3. I totally forgot I had committed to do the mile a day too, on Dec 8th, so technically I'm OK. Glad I came to your blog! :) Good to meet you. Jessica

  4. Wishing you the best with the challenge :)

  5. Good for you!!
    I am so behind on your blog -- I ditched google reader, and subscribe only by email... so you should add that as an option, and then let me know when you do!!!!