Friday, October 12, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I went to physical therapy on Wednesday. My regular therapist wasn't there so another lady worked with me.  She had me do the same stretches and exercises I had been doing plus several more.  She measured my ankle flexibilty. Bringing my foot towards my leg had improved 7 degrees from last week!  Unfortunately, pointing my foot away from my body had not improved at all since I had started therapy.  She showed me a stretch to help with that and then remeasured.  Just by doing the one stretch I gained 10 degrees of flexibility in.  I will definitely be doing that stretch more!!

2.  Last night was the Vice President Debate at Centre College where I work!  I had to work in the library yesterday because MSNBC was set up inside using the library as their green room before the anchors went outside to tape in front of a live audience.  It was very cool to see all the news anchors.  I had my picture taken with Krystal Ball from The Cycle and took a couple pictures of The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd being filmed.  After work we stayed and watched the debate on the Festival Lawn. The whole experience was very interesting and exciting to see happen in my little town at the place where I work.

Watching the Daily Rundown being filmed

Even Abe had to have credentials!
me with Krystal Ball from The Cycle

Chuck Todd

watching the debate on the lawn

3. About a month ago I submitted 6 photographs to the local Arts Center for a national juried exhibit.  Out of the 6 I submitted one was selected to be displayed!  I later found out there were 150 entries and only 40 were chosen to be on display. Artists from as far away as Washington state entered the contest.  Last night was the reception for the exhibit. 

4.  Saturday is the Fox and Hound 4K race that my brother in law puts on.  I have helped him the past few years at the finish line getting times and such.  In the past we have always done it by pencil and paper, but this year we will be automated and have an actual timer machine.  It's a great race where the registrants get a t-shirt and a pancake breakfast afterwards. 

5. Sunday is the Iron Horse Half Marathon in Lexington.  Jeremy is running in it and I'll be cheering him on!  He had a PR time this week during a weekly 5 mile run so he is excited going into the race that he will be able to get a PR at the half!  I'm sad I'm not running it but am happy that I can still go and support him and our other runner friends!

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