Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pain and Walking

I was released from the doctor Wednesday a week ago when he took out my stitches. I had therapy the next day on Thursday and the woman did some joint movements that she wasn't previously able to do bc of the stitches. On Saturday I started having some sharp stabbing pain. It wasn't all the time but when it came, it hurt extremely bad. I have never really had pain through much of this and especially not lately so it really scared me.  It did this off and on Saturday through Tuesday. On Tuesday I had my next therapy appt and told her what it was doing. She said she would talk to my doctor and let me know if he thought I should come back in to see him. She called on Wednesday to say that my dr did want me to come in next week to get it x-rayed just to make sure it wasn't a screw coming out.  Of course since Tuesday it hasn't bothered me. 

Last Saturday my college roommate/best friend was home for the weekend.  We decided to meet at the park to walk and talk to catch up.  I was worried about my ankle since it had really bothered me earlier that morning but figured I would at least give it a try and if it started hurting we would quit.  If it didn't hurt my goal was to do 2 miles, since 1.5 miles was my previous longest distance walking. 

Thankfully, I had no pain while walking!  We were chatting and when I finally looked down at my garmin, it told me that we had gone 2.1 already.  I decided that I would keep on and we would walk to get to 3 miles.  When we got back to the car we were at 2.7.  Well I couldn't stop there knowing 3.1 was that close!  So of course we had to walk and finish it up. I walked my first 5k distance in 1 hour 9 minutes and 1 second. 

This upcoming Saturday I am officially signed up for a 5K as a walker.  It is supposed to be a great 5K at a state park with lots of door prizes!  With the leaves changing it will be a pretty one at least.  My goal is to be faster than last week. 

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