Saturday, July 3, 2010

the end of the beginning

i titled this the end of the beginning because today was both the end of part of my running career and also the beginning.

after biking wednesday night 3 times as many miles as i had ever biked before, i decided NOT to get up thursday morning for my last couch to 5k run. just couldnt' force myself or my legs and back! unfortunately that night I didn't have time to run either due to other plans. i didnt want to run friday bc I had a 5k race saturday morning and didn't want to do back to back day runs. so, i decided how fitting that my last couch to 5k work out would be at a 5k!!

i was shooting for under 40min but would just be happy to finish it and have ran the whole thing! it was a flat course, the weather was sunny and cool. my official time was 41:45. however, the course was .15 LONGER than a 5k is supposed to be!! :( everyone that had a garmin after the race was asking how long their watch said it was and to everyones dismay they all showed the course was too long!

so looking at the info from my garmin and the map that it showed i did technically do the 3.1 in under 40min. the race just happened to be longer than that! irony maybe? i dont know. but the fact is i did reach my goal, just unofficially!

my couch to 5k training came to an end today, but my half marathon training now begins. i still have the thoughts of "what am I doing?" during the first half of the race. i'm hoping that will eventually pass.

on a seperate related note, jeremy got second in his age group and was a few seconds off his personal best time. if the course had been the correct length he would have smashed his old time and been in the 24 minutes easy. better luck next week!

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  1. Great job Crystal! Your unofficial is official to me! Great job Jeremy too!