Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 miles with yurbuds

Today was my first ten miler! The weather is perfect today. Mid 70's for the high with NO humidity! I have been looking forward to this run all week mainly bc the weather and I am glad to finally start training again!

Now I have only ran once in the past two weeks, so I really didn't have a lot of expectations for today. I wasn't concerned with my speed, I just wanted to get in 10 no matter how fast or slow it was.

Since run 2, walk 1 worked last time, I decided I was going to do that ratio again. First 5 miles I was about 2 minutes off my best 5. I wasn't upset though, I was actually happy that it was that close! I thought it would be worse!! The next 5 were a different story. I was away from the car where I had left my midrun beans and water and didn't get back there til mile 7. By the time I ate them I was really starting to fade fast.

The last 3 miles were bad, especially the last one. My body started aching and i was famished!! well, famished may not be the right word. my sugar was low and i seriously needed food, calories, something! I was able to keep my run/walk ration the whole time, with the exception of that pesky last mile and once during mile 7 (big hill) and 9 where i just walked the whole 3 minutes. During the last mile I had to walk about half of it. However slow it was, I finished it! I ran 10 miles! Not a lot of people can say that.

One thing I did differently today that I have not done in a couple months was run with music. I had ordered some "yurbuds" a few weeks back but they had come the day after my last long run. Let me just say - these things are awesome!!! I have very small earholes and have tried every type of headphones or buds. Either they have not stayed in my ears or have hurt me! I am not talking a little hurt I am talking causing major pain and even an ear infection from having the pressure in my ears during my run.

During my over 2 hour run the yurbuds only came out of my ears once and that was MY fault bc i accidently pulled the wire with my hand while i was running. I put it back in and like magic they never came out again! I had no pain during or after the run! They are great. When you order them, you send them a picture of your ears with either a quarter next to it or a pair of earbuds in. They use the picture and send you the size that will correctly fit your ears!! Finally I have a great pair of earphones that I can use. Thanks yurbuds!!

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  1. WAY TO GO!! 10 miles is no little thing. Way to stay strong and finish, even when it got hard. WooHoo!