Sunday, September 12, 2010

rain, rain go away!

thursday i went for a run.... right below my knees ached on both legs. not sure what that is about. i have never had that pain before but it really bothered me. i hope it goes away and isn't there next time I run. anyone know what that is? or what is causing it?

yesterday morning was supposed to be "the" 5k where I needed to go a certain time in order to determine if I was on goal pace for my half training. i woke up yesterday morning to rain. i DON'T run in the rain! i know i need to get over that bc who knows what the weather will be for the half, but i just can not get up and go run knowing it's already raining. plus with my run from thursday i just wasn't feeling it! and to add to my dismay even more i looked at the results from the 5k in the paper today and realized i could have actually placed in my age group in the 5k bc the runners that are usually in my age group all did the 15K!!! grrr. that's what i get i guess for not running!

Jeremy, however, went on without me, while i stayed in bed and listened to it rain. the race was either a 5 or 15k, jeremy did the 15k. he did awesome! he was feeling good so he decided not to do his run/walk interval until he got tired. turns out he didn't get tired!! he only stopped once and that was for water. his avg pace per mile was over 1 minute faster than all his previous long runs before! he was super excited about this, even if he didn't place yesterday.

so here's some questions for you other bloggers:

anyone know what my lower knee pain is?
how do i keep from getting the knee pain?
how do you get over the "i dont run in the rain" mentality?


  1. Run a half in the pouring down 42 degree rain and when you train you will run in the rain because you don't want the first time you run in the rain to be at a race : )

    Honestly the rain is fun, refreshing and cooling : )

  2. I've had it rain once on me during a long run, and I have to agree with Twila... it's actually pretty refreshing! You've just got to let your shoes dry out after. Congrats to Jeremey!!