Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a bad day for biking - my first wreck

so you know how some people have a tough time getting out the door to go exercise? well i literally couldnt get out the door today!

let me start by saying i went to the pool to do one more swim/bike transition. swim went well. i was about 4 sec. slower than monday. my stopwatch had floated down to the drain, so by the time i found it and hit the button, i think that should account for those extra 4 seconds!

i quickly transitioned to my biking attire. i was faster and dryer than monday which was good!! i had brought my bike into the pool area. i was just going to leave my swim stuff at the pool and grab it when i got back from biking rather than take it out to the truck then.

bike incident #1: so i hopped on my bike in the building and was going to bike around town. remember how i said i couldn't get out the door? well, the double doors to the pool were open, but there was a pesky bar in the middle where they latch. i thought i would make it, but my handle got caught and down i went. nothing too dramatic, i wasn't on the road or anything like that, but i did fall down and scrape my elbow. the lifeguard was apparently oblivious to the noise and didn't even look up to make sure i was ok.

bike incident #2: i got back up, laughed at myself, and decided i would ride though town and do a different path than i took on monday. the city recently painted bike lanes down some of the streets so i thought i would check them out. i went a couple miles away from the pool and started to head back. all of the sudden i hear a crack behind me, like something had just fallen off my bike!! i looked back and saw something laying in the middle of the road. i pulled over and looked at my pack. sure enough it was open and my iphone was laying in the middle of lexington avenue. (a heavily traveled road in my town) eeek!!! at least one car passed me after i pulled over so i was just sure my phone was demolished. i rode back to it and picked it up. God was looking out for me bc there wasn't a scratch on it!! the screen was fine! part of the case had come apart, but i picked it up and put it back together! good as new!!

i decided that i needed to get back to the pool and off my bike as soon as possible. today was NOT a day for biking! i am glad though that my first wreck happened today and not on saturday at the tri where somebody surely would have seen me!!

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