Friday, September 24, 2010

GU Giveaway!

I love GU, you should too!!!

Ok, here is another giveaway! The winner will receive what is pictured below. 6 GU gels, 1 GU chomps, 1 GU brew, and 1 GU recovery brew.

Deadline to enter will be 11pm, Thursday Sept. 30th. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Leave a separate comment for each way to enter:

1) Become a follower of my blog or let me know if you are already!

2) Like GU on FB

3) Go to and tell me what flavor you like best or would like to try!

4)post it on your blog

5)post it on your fb page

6)tweet about the giveaway


  1. already like Ryders...not sure if you meant Ryders or GU on them both!

  2. I think I would like something with chocolate flavoring!

  3. Absolutely LOVE....and I repeat LOVE the Chocolate Outrage!!

    But will be willing try try the Mint, too

  4. I love strawberry and orange gu chomps

  5. I like GU in facebook and twitter.

  6. yum---- mint chocolate!!! I have not yet experimented with GU, or anything similar. Very excited to!

  7. I am a follower! AWESOME job on the Tri!!

  8. Want to try the blueberry/pomergrant had one but Gerard took them all~ dang it!

  9. I really want to try the mint chocolate chip