Monday, September 13, 2010

Ryders review and a successful brick

Scott from Outside PR was nice enough to send me some Ryders sunglasses. They are fantastic! I wore the Cirrus style today while I did my brick and really liked them. (see my pic below) They are very comfortable and lightweight! They are also very stylish which is what matters most, right? I will have a giveaway in the next day or two so check back soon!

Last week I did a brick unsuccessfully, my legs felt like jello after biking when trying to run. I realized that I definitely need to practice that before the tri. So I decided that I would start small and build up.

Today I biked 5 miles then ran 1.
It was so much better than last time! I was able to run the whole mile without stopping and didn't have the jello leg feeling at all. My mile time was about 25 seconds slower than my fastest ever mile, which I thought was pretty good considering I biked 5 miles before today's run and when I did my fastest mile before I had run fresh.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are adorable!
    So.... you are either wearing contacts, or you are just NOT as blind as me!! :)
    I would love sunglasses to be an option, but since my first son came into my life, contact lenses and I have not gotten along! I can't find ANY brand/style that doesn't give me a horrendous headache within an hour!!

  2. Aw, thanks Mer!

    Mine vision isn't too bad. I can see fine up close, but distance is blurry. I really just need glasses so I can read road signs before I get right up on them when driving. I usually take off my glasses when I'm at home and just wear them when I'm out of the house. I dont wear contacts - I can't stand the thought of touching my eyes. I can't even watch Jeremy put his in and out! :/