Monday, September 20, 2010

the tri is coming! the tri is coming!

t minus 5 days away from my first triathlon. i have been freaking out over what I am going to wear during it. i bought a pair of tri shorts, but need something to wear on top. i had thought a sports bra, but that doesnt work so well to swim in. plus there is the issue of the tri shorts come down to my knees and are tight. i have never worn anything tight on my legs while running, no compressions shorts, nothing. so that was making me nervous as well.

i went to the local swim store where i had bought my tri shorts and looked at their tri tops. but couldnt find any that i liked, that fit, and that i wanted to pay $50+ for. so i came home empty handed and was still freaking out bc i didnt know what to wear!!!

then it hit me, why not wear my swim suit, put my running clothes on over top and use a whole lot of body glide? i am a swimmer more than a biker or runner, so being in a swim suit for long periods of time doesnt bother me like it does others.

today i decided i needed to do a run through of what i would wear and how it would go with transitions. jeremy came with me, watched me swim, then rode and ran with me.

i swam in my suit, got out of the pool, threw everything on and then hopped on the bike. took about 2 minutes to transition between the two. we rode 5 miles, then got on a track and ran one mile. my shirt was still pretty wet, but my shorts were only damp. they actually dried really quickly after i started running. my legs were hurting from the 12 miler on saturday and my running time was horrible, but i know that is to be expected. not doing this for speed - just for the tri sticker! :) i had no chaffing or rubbing from the swim suit while running which is a major PLUS!!!! my shorts did ride up some but i think that was bc they were still a little damp and the earlier body glide had been washed away.

now with that taken care of i can rest easier!! i think i might do another short change after i bike between that and my run, just bc my suit was almost dry and i think by changing into a dry pair of shorts after the bike will help them from riding up my leg. i also need to re body glide. i hope to do one more bike to run, and swim to bike before saturday. not sure i'll be able to get in another swim, bike, AND run in beforehand.


  1. Wow, Crystal! I love reading your blog so much because you are always off on a new adventure. What kind of tri are you doing? I have thought about making a tri an eventual goal of mine, the open water thing sort of scares me though. But good for you! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. That is so awesome Crystal! I think I have decided to take the plunge and register for a marathon next spring. There is a first time for everything, right? Also, I want to get your phone # if you don't mind before we head to Indy. I would love to be able to meet up at the post-race party and get some pics together.

  3. I'm glad you found what worked for you! You are going to do great!!