Monday, June 20, 2011

first long run in a long time

After Thursday's run and Jeremy asking if I was ready for 5 miles on saturday, the answer was yes. 

Saturday morning rolled around and we woke up to very dark skies.  We got up anyway and went to meet twila. Jeremy and her were going to run together, i was going to run at the same time as them but fewer miles and much slower.   Before we got there, Twila called and said to look at the radar, a big storm was coming in but she wanted to try it anyway. 

As soon as we pulled up it started raining, thundering and lightning.  We decided to do it on our own.  Jeremy and I came back and went back to bed.  Later that afternoon the sky had cleared up so Jeremy and Twila took out to do 8 miles.  I on the other hand was not feeling well and decided i would run later that day or Sunday. 

Sunday rolled around and we went to Lexington to eat with my dad and mom for Father's Day, then came home and took a nap.  I knew I needed to run but it was so humid and sticky out i didnt want to run outside, so the treadmill it was. 

I popped in disc one of season 4 of Friends and started. i was going to watch 3 episodes.  Jeremy came upstairs with me and updated his running journal, then put pictures in our albums from our vacation from December. (We are horrible at getting them developed and put into albums!).  I ran almost the entire 75 minutes only walking during the credits at the end of each show and once in the middle of the third episode bc I just needed to! :)

It felt really good!  The end was a little hard, but I had run 30 minutes longer than I had been, so that was to be expected. 

I am running with my friend Tuesday and Thursday, with another long run on Saturday. 

tonight I'm going to melting pot to have dinner with a friend that is moving to Wisconsin on Sunday.  :(  I'm so sad to see her go!  but we already have plans to go up and stay with her for the Greenbay Marathon next May! :)   My hubby is a huge Packers fan and you finish running in the stadium!

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  1. The new thing seems to be finishing in a staduim, my half we finished in the Uni of Toledo football staduim, Cleveland Mary finished in the Browns Football staduim, I admit its cool