Wednesday, June 29, 2011

new activities and toys

This week I have started teaching night swim lessons.  I have done swim lessons every summer since i was 15.  I just love teaching little kids to love the water.  On Monday, I had one little boy cry because he didnt want swim lessons to be over.  It's so much nicer to have them cry to not get out than when they cry bc they dont want to get in.  I do 4 nights a week of group lessons for 45 minutes nd will be adding in some 30 min private lessons on various days throughout the week.

I missed my run last night, but this is the first week I am supposed to run 4 days a week. Not a good way to start, but I was walking back and forth in the water for 45 minutes straight so I figure while not being exactly the same it should be pretty close to running slow for the same amount of time, dont you think?  I did run monday and will run Thursday on the treadmill and do a long run again on Saturday, so i'll at least get in 3 days.

Jeremy got a new garmin for his anniversary present.  I went clothes shopping on vacation, so he got the  garmin 110. It works out for both of us now so we will both have one when we are running at the same time and on days when we both run, the battery wont be dead! :)  double yay for that!!

While I was ordering, I also ordered Jilliam Michael's Shred with Weights for me.  Biking and running work on my legs, but I really wanted something to work my upper body- arms and back in particular! I hope to add it to my routine starting this weekend or next week.  


  1. Jillian's Shred is so intimidating to me! I get tired just thinking about it! :)

  2. Hi from a new follower and avid runner/P90Xer!

    My husband and I just got new Garmins. Mine was stolen out of my suitcase while traveling (still mad about that!). So happy to have a Garmin again.

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  3. Yayyyyy for new toys

    I have given serious thought to giving swim lessons

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