Friday, June 17, 2011

nice surprise

You know how when you know you NEED to run, but just aren't feeling it? It amazes me how those runs turn out to be the best ones! 

I did not want to run last night.  Unfortunately, that has come to be a common occurance around here.  But I know I need to. I have a team that is counting on me to complete the race and I want to go and travel to really cool places with my husband and running. 

I met my friend about 9;15pm and first words she said were "I was hoping you were going to cancel for tonight, i'm not feeling it".  "I'm not either I told her!"  But we went out anyway.  There is a huge hill right out the door at her house and it fills me with dread.  Starting out going up a steep hill is not my idea of a fun time!  So we decided to go down the hill in the other direction. I had the garmin and she had her iphone so we could keep track of distance since we were going somewhere new.  The weather was mid 70's and comfortable.  She was talking up a storm about her recent vacation so i just settled in and listened.  We were slow and only did 2.25 miles but it felt GOOD!!  Seems like very few of my runs feel good, but this one did.  It was a nice surprise when we got back to her house and I told my husband when he asked if i was ready for 5 miles on Saturday "yeah, actually i am!" :)


  1. I have learned, when you REALLY dont want to train, force yourself to do it, because it always seems that training session you were about to bag, ends up being one of your best sessions ever.

  2. I've been having the same problem with motivation lately. Training with other people helps a little, but I'm finding I don't feel as good as I used to after my runs. Maybe it's the heat? Way to get out there anyways!