Thursday, June 23, 2011

no watch turns temp'o' into temp'slow'

Tonight's run was a disaster in so many ways.  on the schedule was a 4 mile tempo run.  the pace for the tempo was a little faster that i thought i could do at this point especially for 2 miles in the middle of the run.  i knew i could do it for 1 mile at the beginning but 2 in the middle was going to be tough.

I went and picked up my running buddy and we drove in to town.  I turned on my watch and it flashed "low battery".  Oh great!!  Luckily, Angie had her phone with her and pulled up an app that told the pace/time/etc.  About .2 miles in,  my watch was dead. 

Since we were running longer we needed to add some distance to our route on tuesday.  we ran the first mile together and were able to keep a slow pace so that we could "speed up" the next 2 miles. 

Angie was faster and went on ahead of me.  a couple steps at first, then gradually more. about 2.5 miles in i couldnt see if she had turned or ifgone straight so i ran straight thinking i saw someone up the street.  unfortunately it wasn't her. i got back to the car and looked at the time. then called her to see where she was. i got in the car and drove to where she was, she still had .5 to go.  i had been a mile or less short. :(

i came home and plugged my watch up. fortunately it had the time from when i had started the run so i was able to figure out how long i ran. then i drove what i had ran to get close to my milage.  i have no idea what my pace was but know that it was about the same as tuesdays run, but not what it should have been for the "tempo" miles.  one positive thing from this run was that out of a 3+ mile run i didnt walk once!!


  1. Tempo runs are my least favorite workouts

  2. At some point we have to stop beating ourselves up and start focusing on the progress.
    Girl--- you RAN FOR THREE MILES!!!
    That is huge! You have been doing intervals forever, so this is bigger than huge!!! :) Hugs!
    I am so proud of you!