Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I ran in the ..... (what for it)


I know some of you are thinking whoop ti do, but to me this is a BIG deal.  In the past if I had the choice of doing a training run in the rain or on the treadmill i would pick the treadmill. if i had the choice of running in the rain or not running, i would not run.  And for the most part if i had the choice betweeen running on the treadmill and not running when it was raining out, I just wouldnt run.  it was as simple as that.  I have ran in the rain before when it started to rain after the race had already started, but never when it was raining before it started.  I just dont like to be wet and cold.  Yes, I am a swimmer that doesnt like to be wet, weird i know! :)

So, last night my friend, Angie, and I were supposed to run.  I was checking the weather all day long. It was supposed to storm for most of the night and they were giving 100% chance of storms during the time we were set to go.  I told her about an hour before hand that I wasn't going to go, I would just run on the treadmill. She said if it wasn't raining or just sprinkling she would run anyway.  15 minutes before we were originally supposed to meet, she asked again "you sure you dont want to go?"  At this point the rain had stopped and I decided I would go.  Even though my treadmill was calling my name. 

I got to her house and changed.  I suggested we drive to the top of the hill and park in town, thus avoiding the big hill by her house.  She agreed and off we went.  We parked the car, stretched, and started running.  Seriously no sooner than we had turned the Garmin on, it started RAINING!  we looked at each other and she said lets just keep going.  and we did.....  and we got wet!

the main reason, other than being wet and cold, that i dont like running in the rain is i can't see.  i wear glasses (I will never wear contacts) and the rain makes it hard when the water hits my glasses.  well, about half a mile in i run my lenses with my finger and i hear a clank as something hits the ground.  my lens has popped out of my glasses!!  luckily it wasn't scratched and the screw was still in the hole.  we found a stoop of a closed business and put them there so we could pick them up later.   i can run without them but things are a little blurry.  it was much better running without my glasses with rain on them though.  

we ran a mile and a half then turned around and came back the way we had come for a total of 3 miles.  i will say the rain stopped and i actually wish it hadn't because i was hot and needed water.  i was 56 seconds faster per mile than my training plan called for.  :) as long as i'm not over the pace, i'm ok with being under it. 

so no more excuses for not running bc it's raining.....although next time i think i'll leave the glasses in the car.  blurry vision is better than wet vision.


  1. Good for you! I hate running in the rain too

  2. I haven't ran in the rain yet either... I am pretty sure I would hate it.

  3. I hate all of this rain!!! Suck because I will never bike in the rain, too dangerous.