Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last week, my husband and I went on vacations with his parents to Myrtle Beach.   His parents had 3 free nights in North Myrtle Beach at a hotel and then we went to another hotel in Surfside (south of Myrtle beach) for the next three nights.  Both hotels were right on the ocean!

view from hotel #1

We shopped on Sunday.  Had way too many clothes packed to begin with, however somehow i forgot to pack myself any SHORTS!!!  So, a must needed stop was the nearby outlet mall!

We went to the beach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We watched fireworks and also played putt-putt.

Jeremy is the one in the middle running towards the left.
i came in third :(

We parasailed on Thursday.

loved it! saw a stringray in the ocean from up in the air

We watched the sunrise and drove home on Friday. 

I tried to stay on my diet and count my points, but by about Tuesday I was done trying. There was too much fried seafood and icecream. I figured I was walking more than usual and in the ocean a lot so that would make up for some my bad/yummy food choices! Which explains the S'mores burger I had on Thursday.  Now I know you are thinking "a s'mores burger????"  Yes!  A s'mores burger. it is quite possibly the best burger ever!!!  It had peanut butter, marshmellow cream and nutella on the burger and it was fabulous!! I was skeptical but was so glad i tried something new and so sad that it happened to be my last day that I discovered this wonderful burger!  

view from restaurant

the s'mores burger!

I had running shorts packed, but failed to run on vacation.  :(  Sunday night though, Jeremy and I got on the bike and rode only 8 miles.  My bottom is still feeling it even today. 

Tonight I am going the Community Arts Center for a painting class.  Once or twice a month they have a class and a specific painting featured.  Then they guide you through painting it on your own.  Pics to follow! 
After that it is back to running....

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