Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being Tested

I started over on my "no chocolate" for 21 days.  It hasn't been easy, especially with Valentines Day yesterday!

My sweet mother-in-law brought over a bag of goodies for us. Mainly chocolate...of course.

One of the student workers where I work brought me a gigantic cupcake with chocolate frosting.  I was seriously tempted to just scrape off the frosting and eat the cupcake part.  But I was good and took the cupcake home for Jeremy to eat!  He saved me one of his raspberry cheesecake cookies from subway, so we traded.

I will succeed this time! The sooner I succeed, the sooner I can eat chocolate again! Ha!  I'm thinking of celebrating by either going to the Melting Pot for some peanut butter/chocolate fondue or a mint chocolate cake from Twisted Sifter. 


  1. You are braver to try this than I could be! I can't come anywhere near chocolate without having a problem! Good Luck!

  2. I'm not sure I could ever go 21 days without chocolate! I am an adict haha ... good luck!

  3. Tuff assignment on Valentine's Day! Nice job!!