Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh poo!

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside.  I even wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt to the park today.  the wind was a little strong at times but managable. 

i started slower than i did on tuesday and really focused on trying to keep my breathing under control. which seemed to work for the short amount of time i ran. 

let me back up and say that it was one of those days where I knew i shouldnt run.  my stomach was giving me warning signs and i knew i should probably bike instead.  jeremy said "go on and run, you'll feel good afterwards". not the case, not today.  made it almost as far away from the bathrooms (most of the bathrooms are closed for winter) as i could be when it hit.  :(  i saw a port-a-potty close and started heading that way. NO TOILET PAPER!!  the closest open bathroom was a couple tenths away.  it was a LONG walk! blah! 

i drove home, leaving jeremy at the park.  not to worry he was running with his brother who had a car there.  he called to see where i was when he was done bc i was supposed to wait for him.  I told him next time I tell him i think i should bike instead, not to question me. 

on a positive note today, my new Nook came in the mail!  i am very excited to get it! i have used a kindle before, but not a Nook.  I'm sure i will like it just as much!  yay for fun toys to make up for poopy days! (pun intended)

I just finished reading The Book Thief. Before that I read 4 of the 6 Percy Jackson and the Olympian books, so the last 2 will probably be the first 2 things I buy.  I am reading on and off Chicken Soup for the Runners Soul.  I like that I can read it inbetween other books.

Any suggestions for books? 


  1. Is that the 3G? I got the Nook color because it it can animate children's books, but sometimes wish I had gotten the 3G so I could do wireless anywhere. You will love it though. Check out my sister in laws blog, it is listed under blogs I follow---she is the piejedi. She is an avid reader and used to be a librarian!

  2. No, i just got the regular plain one. It was on sale for $70, it's a factory refurbrished one.

  3. Love my nook! I just downloaded The Book Thief, and am looking forward to reading it. Hope you feel better!

  4. You will have to let me know what you think when you finish it!

  5. Something is in the air, I dont think this week is meant for running

    I want a nook, dunno why I do, but I do