Thursday, February 10, 2011

doing double

today was scheduled as a run day. when i got up though, i was not feeling a run.  i was however feeling a bike.  i hopped on and did an easy 4 miles on the bike while reading.  this was a first. i thought it would be difficult and i would lose my place in my book, but surprisingly i didnt!  it made the time pass much quicker too!

i fixed lunch, read some more, and decided that i really needed to get my run in today. if i didn't, it wouldnt happen tomorrow or friday either bc of my swimmers competing in their regional swim meet and me being gone all day. 

i was scheduled for 25 minutes.  walk 4, run 1.  it felt really good.  i haven't run in a week and a half so i was a little nervous as to how it would feel to get back on, but surprisingly it was a really good run.  so glad i made myself go on and do it.  i even pushed up the speed on the last 4 minute run and ended up running through the last one minute walk. 

this double workout made me feel a little less guilty for not working out yesterday.  hopefully it will ease my conscience for not working out tomorrow too.  i think i might be able to get in a bike ride on saturday morning before we leave, just depends.

Any of you read while working out on the treadmill or bike?

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  1. I can read on the bike, I even have a book stand that attaches to my handlebars, I cant read on the Dreadmill though