Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nook Update and 4+ miles

Thursday night after I posted "Nook Problems" my husband came home and i was explaining it all to him, showing him what it WOULDN'T do and what do you know? It worked, of course! :) I dont know what I did differently that time than all the other times in the hour and a half before, but whatever it was it finally worked.  I took my nook by Barnes and Noble yesterday and explained it to the person at the nook counter and he said bc of high winds this week their own wifi had been down and maybe that was part of the problem, he also said some routers dont connect well to the nook.  I downloaded a book there in the store to see if it would pull the same stuff it did on Thursday, but it worked fine and downloaded within a couple minutes.  :)

Moving along to Saturday.... I had a 5 mile planned and semi-mapped out. Turns out my 5 mile run was actually only 4.38 miles long.  Being my longest run in a month (3 miles was 4 weeks ago) I figured 4+ was close enough.

I did have one major victory - I only walked twice the whole 4 miles!!!  One time I walked it was bc there were about 3 dogs running and barking a couple yards down and i wasn't sure what they were going to do, the other time it was bc i needed to walk. Usually on my long runs I run 4, walk 1.  This was a vast improvement over that. Of course my pace was slower, not sure if that's bc it was only my fourth time running in 3 weeks or if it was bc i cut out the walk breaks.....

Funny side note, my husband and I bought an entire box of Gu a couple weeks ago, before i started my 'no chocolate' kick.  guess what flavor of gu we bought?  yep, you guessed it  - chocolate! luckily i did have one pineapple roctane one left so i took it along with my raspberry gu brew!

I ran on Saturday with a couple friends, Katie and Rhonda, for the first time. It was nice to run again with people.  I had missed that. The last time I ran with someone was last summer running with Twila. She actually ran on Saturday with my husband for 10 of her 18 miles.


  1. Awesome job on the run and I'm so glad you got your Nook to work!! :0)

  2. I am impressed that you got an explanation. Figures I would be there on the wrong day.