Wednesday, February 23, 2011

one of those days

today was one of "those" days. one of those days where nothing has gone right and all you want to do is cry over absolutely nothing. 

woke up to an email, text, and phone call from my athletic director that one of my swimmers is failing and unless he pulls his grade up by Friday, he can not swim in the state meet on Friday.  the kid is in a relay with 3 other kids, i have no alternates this year. the one year i dont have an alternate just in case something happens - i need one!  hoping that he can get his stuff turned in and his grades up by friday.  he is right on the border so it can be done.

then there was some confusion with a new medicine I am supposed to start taking in a week or so. i switched to a new dr's office and although i felt like the dr knew what he was doing, not so much with the nurse that helped me check out.  she didnt explain things well.  but we finally got that straightened out but not before ending up in tears.

came home, watched biggest loser (always a tear jerker) then took a nap with jeremy after a quick trip to walmart.  i had planned on running today but didnt have much time before i needed to start getting ready for work myself. after jeremy went to work, i decided to hop on the tmill anyway. although what i really wanted to do was just stay in bed. i used the garmin footpod for the first time on the tmill.  and what do you know? the treadmill was off!  i only did 1 mile (remember i was short on time). the tmill said i was at .9, when the garmin hit 1.0.  not as off as much as i thought, but it seemed the faster i went the more it was off.  i'm sure for running faster and for longer it would have shown a bigger difference. 

and to top it off i am really struggling with the no chocolate today!  the stress from the day is making it harder to resist.  but i have been strong and still no chocolate even though i was given 5 brownies!  i gave them away as quick as i could.  thankful for hungry college students!

What do you do to get you through "those" days?


  1. Eat ice cream. Always makes me feel better.

  2. Just keep reminding myself to smile.... it could be worse! Hang in there, I hope he can pull his grades up.

  3. Aww I'm so sorry! What a crummy day! Hope the rest of your week was better!!