Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nathan Training Log Review

Ever since Jeremy started running he has never logged any of his times, milage, pace, etc.  He didn't know how many miles he had run last year, how many hours/minutes.  It drove me crazy! He did know his best times for different distances, but nothing was on paper.

I on the other hand used Microsoft Publisher to keep track of my activities.  I still use it bc I like to see the big picture and plan ahead even if it changes.  But I wanted something that I could keep track of and that was more mobile.

Christmas at our house was very runner friendly.  One of the gifts that I got Jeremy (and myself) was a Nathan Training Log. 

Starting Jan. 1 for Jeremy and the following week for me, we have been writing down our milage, times, course, weight, etc.  We have both really like using it thus far.

The days go Monday-Sunday. It has columns for date, course, time, distance, pulse, weight, and notes across the top. At the bottom it has total, weekly average and your year to date  milage and time.  LOVE IT!

Below is a shot of mine from last week.  I have added to mine at the bottom.  I bike and swim as well as run and wanted to keep track of my weekly and yearly milage in those specific sports as well, so I added a couple columns to the bottom right to make it work for me even more.

I recommend the Nathan Training Log + if you dont currently use anything to keep track of the milage and times of your run. 

What do you use to keep track of your runs?
Do you like what you use?
Do you keep track of anything else that isn't on the log?

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