Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Review and What to do?

Sunday - triathlon
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - also rest day (work and senior night swim meet)
Wednesday - another rest day (just plain lazy, took a nap instead of working out)
Thursday - 1200 yard swim
Friday - 8 miles on exercise bike
Saturday - 6 miles on exercise bike
Sunday - 1300 yard swim

As you can see this was not a running week.  It definitly wasn't planned to be a non-running week but that's just how it ended up. 

The next three weeks are going to be hard running weeks too.  Next weekend (all day friday and saturday) is the regional swim meet. The following weekend is my next triathlon. The following weekend (all day friday and saturday) is the state swim meet.  I'm in a quandry of what to do running wise for my long runs. 

Do I just do my long runs on Sunday the weekends I have my meets? Or just push back the long runs on my calendar?  I have a 2-3 weeks that I can adjust and cut out if needed. 

Do I skip the long run the weekend I have the triathlon or do my long run on Friday in hopes of being recovered for Sunday?


  1. I don't really have any advice for you! Sorry! Good luck at all of your upcoming meets/races! Sounds like fun!!! :0)

  2. I say Long run Friday and Tri Sunday but I am a glutton for punishment : )

    Good luck at the next tri! Hope you get back into your running groove.