Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

Last year was my first time ever black Friday shopping. Jeremy and I wanted a tv and target had some for pretty cheap. We got tithe store about 30 minutes before they opened not realizing you had to have a ticket to get items like that. So no tv for us!

This year I was ready to try again. Jeremy refused to go but my friend emily said she would go with me even though she had nothing to buy. I got to target at 9:45 - 2 hours 15 minutes before they opened and the line was already around the corner.

About 11:30 the line tightened up and started moving forward. People had put up there chairs and were ready for the doors to open. This caused us to be at least in front of the store rather than the side. The lady behind us had asked if they were giving out tickets and was told yes. However, no one ever came by. We just assumed they weren't after all.

When the doors opened I ran to the tvs while emily grabbed a cart. There were 2 different tvs a 46" and a 40" that were in our price range. We wanted to get the bigger one if we could but the 40" was ok as well. I got to the tvs and said I wanted the 46" one. The guy working asked if I had a ticket!! What? I told him they didn't pass them out! He held some up and said yes they did! Oh man! Not again!!!

We started to walk away and overheard the guy that was manning the 40" tvs that you didn't have to have a ticket for those!!! Woo hoo! Emily grabbed a cart and we loaded the tv up! Success!!

Emily went to get in the check out line and I went to check on a laptop. The line to get into electronics was crazy long. I called emily to see how long the check out line was and found that it was non existent, so I went to check out instead of staying in line. No sense making emily wait for me even longer, the laptop can be bought another day.

Jeremy installed it last night and hung up my painting of deuce!

Did anyone else shop black Friday?

Get any good buys?

Learn something for next years black Friday expedition?

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  1. The only good deal I got was $50 for the same Asics I already run in. :0) Half off is a great deal to me.