Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rushed the field

I got to mark something off Amy bucket list yesterday - rushing the field at a football game!!

We have had season UK football tickets for 5 years now. The field has been rushed several times during those 5 years but we were sitting in the upper deck when it happened. Last year our seats were moved to the lower level so rushing was a possibility. The one game the field was rushed though happened to be the same weekend of our first half and we had given the tickets to jeremys parents.

I have always wanted to rush the field. When I was in college I was never able to either I wasn't at the game or was sitting in the upper deck. Since having gotten season tickets it has been on my bucket list to rush the field!

This year we were even lower, only 5 rows back from the wall to the field. Unfortunately the team has not had a good season and would not go to a bowl game. We were playing Tennessee who we have a 26 game losing streak too. Jeremy and I both had a feeling that we might win but knowing how UK plays we weren't counting it as a win just yet.

UK led the whole game which for the most part was 3-0. Finally UK scored a touchdown, but TN scored a touchdown right back. We were still up.

With 4 minutes on the clock everyone was standing and hoping we could hold on. Students were coming into the gates getting ready to rush the field. At about 2 minutes left we got the ball back and took a knee til the time ran out.

We hopped down the bleachers. Jeremy went over first and then I followed! We helped me down and we took of running to the middle of the field! It was so awesome!

The wall looks small there but it's probably about an 6-8 foot drop.

On the field with several thousand of our closest friends.

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  1. That is awesome, I got to rush the field on Saturday after Michigan won, it was awesome!!!