Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hood to Coast movie

I was able to check out the Hood to Coast movie from my library via ILL. It came in this past week from Portland University. It was really neat to see the different teams and the history of the race.

Also learned that roadkill isn't dead animals but people you pass. Some of the bourbon chase vans had a road kill count written on them. Completely thought they were counting dead animals!!

My thoughts on the movie (spoilers)

Having done the Bourbon Chase in October i was more connected to the Thunder and Laikaning team. The girl that had the 3 mile theory (if you can run 3 miles you can run any distance) I thought was crazy! She was funny to watch though bc she had said she had never ran any of the distances before and yet had the second to hardest leg. "I kept thinking why would her team do that to her?" and "if you feel that bad now, just wait til that last leg when you feel like you want to die"

The R. Bowe team made me cry every time they came on. Especially when the wife told about him passing and her not wanting the baby. I would feel the same way I'm sure.

I could not get over kathy. She died, actually died in the race the previous year but yet wanted to do it again and to do the same legs even. Jeremy and I kept repeating to ourselves, that's Twila, she would do that!

Dead Jocks in a Box was quite humorous. I felt bad for the girls that they made run under/through them. No one wants to smell 4-6 men that have been running and not showered in 36 hours. yuck!


  1. I need to rent that movie. i am so excited to get to do HTC next year.

  2. I saw it in the theater (filled with runners!) and thoguht all the same things. It truly is an exhilarating movie!