Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OPP - take 1

Wednesday 9:30 pm - I am writing this part the night before the 5k that is tomorrow (Thursday). I am not nervous but I am a little antsy. I am pretty sure I will be able to get a PR even if I dont go under 30 and I'm ok with that. I have my clothes laid out and am ready to go, although I must find my spibelt here in a minute. There are over 1500 people in this 5k so I am a bit worried about trying to navigate through them, to not waste energy, but still get a good time. I went to the chiro today and my hip and knee have been pain free all day. :) yay! I haven't run since sunday, so my legs will be good and rested for tomorrow. With any luck I'll at least have a PR in 12 hours and possible permission to get a puppy!

Thursday am - Well I did not break 30 by quite a bit, but I did get a PR. My official time was 35:02. Considering the course was crowded and hillier than I usually run I am happy with it. Mile 2 was again my worst out of the three miles. It was also the hilliest of the three. Mile 1 felt really good. I had to weave in and out of some people but tried not to as much as I could. Mile 3 was downhill for the most part so it was a nice fast finish.

My next 5k is in a couple weeks at the same place but the course is a little different.

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  1. You still did awesome, I vote you get a puppy anyways

  2. Nice work on the 5k - and a PR to boot - yippee!

    I agree, you should get a puppy anyway! :)

    new follower from the blog hop!