Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OPP and WW update

On Thangsiving morning, jeremy and i are going to do a 5k. It's called the Thoroughbred classic. we have never done this race before but have wanted to. they always have awesome tech shirts! Jeremy's dad is also planning on doing the race so it will be a fun family event. We would like to start this race as a family tradition.  It will also be my first chance at trying to break 30.  My treadmill runs have been going really well.  However, yesterday i had planned on running and did not.  The bookfair was delivered and I worked for a couple hours moving heavy boxes and cases of books.   Then last night my hip started hurting, very sharp stabbing pains.  :(   When i woke up this morning, my knee on the same leg was killing me.  All day long it is either my hip or my knee, my knee or my hip that have been bothering me.  I called the chiro and made an appt for tomorrow am.  I'm hoping he can get me back "inline" for Thursday. I would hate to not be able to run bc of it. 

I went to weigh in today and was DOWN 3 pounds.  Which is great, but that's only 2 pounds lost in 2 months! :(   Which is not the best!  I have noticed that since the half and i have been doing short, fast runs the past couple weeks my weight has been down.  I'm hoping to keep it coming off over the holidays but i know that will be a challenge.  I just have to stay focused!! 


  1. I hope your pain goes away quickly

    Have a great Gobble Wobble Day

  2. See you at Keenland:) Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I'll be running that race tomorrow too!! I'm pacing a friend of mine who's trying to beat 28:56.