Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm down with OPP!

Operation Puppy Power that is!  Yeah, you know me! ha, couldn't resist myself there. anyway, monday was one of those days where i was scheduled to run but just wasnt' feeling it.  i was supposed to do three miles but didnt know how i wanted to run it.  did i want to do three 1 mile runs again, or maybe do two 1.5 miles trying to keep everything under 9:40 pace?? 

In the end I settled on one 1.5 mile run. since i had been putting the run off, by the time i got ready to run i didnt have time do do a fully thirty minutes.  I was able to run the mile and a half at 9:33 pace!

I think on my next run i will try to run 2 miles below 9:40, then 2.5 and finally 3 miles.   

Jeremy and I have been talking about puppy names.  we said that since we are getting a puppy bc of running we should come up with a running related name for it.

So far the names we have come up with are:
Miles (this is the leading name)
Kilo (short for kilometer)
Fartlek (just kidding, but it was mentioned)
Mary (for a girl dog)

Anyone have a name suggestion??

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