Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Attire

Last winter when I bought running tights, I had no idea what i was doing.  Which showed when i bought tights that are to be worn to keep you COOL!!  Whoops!  I have had to wear them a few times and while they have done ok, I am freezing after my runs.

So on Saturday we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to find some tights to keep you WARM!!  :)   I was quite surprised by the fact that most of the ones they had were to keep you cool?  Very few were for warmth.  I was about to give up when Jeremy saw a back of a rack that I had missed and sure enough they had the right kind of tights!  I tried on two different styles and found one that fit and weren't as "long" as the other ones.  Being short makes it hard to find pants.....

Also while I shopping I found a base layer green long sleeve shirt.  Of course it was to keep you COOL but I love green and am a sucker for anything that color and it was on sale and jeremy said to go on and get it!! :)  yay! 

I also tried on some green (notice a pattern) Brooks Ghost 4 shoes.  I dont need shoes yet but will in the next couple months.  Although I love my local running stores I dont feel like I can just go in and try stuff on without buying something.  So I saw these shoes that I had eyed on the internet and decided to try them on so that when it is time to buy shoes if I find them cheaper online I'll know if i like them or not and what size to buy.

does anyone else feel guilty if you dont buy from your local running store?


  1. I do(sometimes). When I find the shoes for 1/2 the price then I start to thing perhaps I'm getting ripped off here? If they would be even close, I would still buy local.

  2. I feel so guilty that sometimes after I buy something online I go in and buy something there to make up for it.

  3. I go back and forth on that. I find that it is so much easier to get my shoes there because I just walk in with my old pair and say, "Can I have another pair of these?" and they are always in stock. My old running store used to give me 10% off every time because I was such a frequent flyer. I haven't built up the same with my new running store so I tend to go there me the love store!!!

  4. I am brand loyal over store loyal. With that being said, I also look hard for good deals with the brand I wear. If its alot cheaper online, I will buy it online, its rare that I pay full price on something. I buy winter gear in the early summer and I buy summer gear in the early winter. With gear being so expesive, to me, its about saving some money