Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Biggest Loser is back!!

I'm so excited that Biggest Loser is back.. and even more excited that they brought Dolvett back! 

Since I work at night I have to wait til Wednesday during the day to watch it, unless I want to stay up really late on Tuesday nights.  I love reading on other blogs about how the person works out during the BL episode.  I would love to do this but it isn't feasible since our workout room with the bike and treadmill is upstairs and the tv connected to the dvr is downstairs. 

Today though I decided I was going to try.  I rolled the bike out of the room and onto the narrow walkway on the second floor that over looks our living room.  It was a tight squeeze but just big enough to get the bike turned the right way so i could watch the tv. Of course I didn't decide this until halfway through the show so I didn't ride the bike the whole time, but i plan to do more next week for sure. 

My BL thoughts (spoiler alert):
-I HATE how they didn't let all the teams on the ranch.  I know they are giving them a chance to get on in a month, but I still dont think it's fair they can't all go on.
-splitting the partners up was  a new twist, i think they took it fairly well considering
-why would you get on the show and in the first week ask to be sent home?? 
-Bob got a haircut!!!  Thank goodness!  It drove me crazy last season!
-I'm assuming they aren't doing the marathon entry at the end of this season....


  1. yayyyy!!! i love BL! and totally agree about the guy who got on and then decided to ask to go home!?! pretty jealous of your bike setup :)

  2. I havent seen it yet. Maybe tonight, I even read the spoilers.

    I ride the bike while watching it