Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How do you log?

Last year I kept two logs. Both have the same info (milage, pace, time) while one is on the computer the other is on paper. The computer log I also use as my training plan to plan ahead, then update as I do the workouts with times, etc.

I kept track on running, swimming, and biking on both. I tried to keep track of weekly and yearly totals of each as well as all miles together. About midway through the year my totals were messed up and I primarily stuck with keeping track of running totals only.

I am trying to figure out a way to keep track of all three but in an easier way. Should I keep one log for running only and one for cross training? Try to do all three again on one log?

How do u log your miles? Do u keep up with your cross-training miles?

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  1. I am keeping a paper log as well as computer this year. I usually only log cross training in a notebook, so I am going to try to do it all in the running log i got

  2. last year i tried logging on the blog, daily mile and paper...but they all ended up differently and it got overwhelming to do 3. i think i am just going to stick with daily mile this year!

  3. I am trying this year to keep a paper log as well as an online one. I'm not sure what Daily Mile does with multiple sports (if they separate them for you) but that is one that I have used. My first reaction would be to color code my log...but that is just because I'm a little nuts!

  4. I have an excel for my planned workouts. I then put my completed workouts on Dailymile. I use that for my totals and different types of workouts.

  5. I use buckeyeoutdoors.com, its easy to use, can track almost anything and you can upload your garmin stats to it