Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am Ninja

Jeremy and I love to make alternate verses to songs we know. Most of them are about our pug, but yesterday we came up with one that was running related that I just have to share!

Sing to the tune of "Afternoon delight":

"snot rockets in flight, morning run delight."

It's so fitting. especially on these cold runs!

Today's attempt at 8 miles went much better than last week. We ran in town on the "flat" roads which made a huge difference.

Today though instead of hills, we had to fight the freezing cold temps.

I even texted lesley before i got out of bed to make sure she still wanted to run.....she did!

In preparation for today I went to the local running store and bought a running ninja hood or baklava I also like to call it! (yes I know that's not the real name)

I even wore gloves (I never wear gloves!) for the first twenty minutes then they had to come off. They really needed to cone off within the first ten but I got distracted during our walk break.

About 2 miles in I stopped bc the zipper on the tights was rubbing my ankle. After further inspection it had already rubbed it raw.

I stopped in speedway to use the restroom and noticed it was bleeding. The nice clerk let me have a bandaid. I think she might had been scared of us though bc lesley also had on her ninja hood. The speedway is held up about once a month it seems...

During our walk break around mile 4 I tried another new flavor of gu. Today's flavor was island nectar which I had been told tasted like pina colada. While I don't agree with that I will say it tasted like pineapple and I did like it. Hoping to pick up a few more next time I go to the running store in lexington.

We finished our 8 miles with a better pace than last week. It turned out to be a great run even though it was super chilly.

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  1. If I did not know you I would probably make fun of that picture! It made me laugh : ) Glad you got in all 6 miles. Buy some taller socks. I love the feetures and they have them at John's