Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prefontaine the dvd

I ordered the dvd "Prefontaine" through the library's ILL system.  I was able to watch it while running on the treadmill Tuesday and today.  I had heard of Steve Prefontaine before but really didn't know anything about him other than he was very fast and died when he was young.

I thought it was a neat movie and learned quite a bit.  He was definitely a cocky guy but he had the speed to back it up. It was interesting to learn in the movie that he was the one that wanted a shoe that had no seam over the toe.  Wow, what a difference that has made in running the last 30 years!

As I was running and watching Prefontaine run in the Olympics, I actually was yelling out loud for him to win.  Even though I knew it was coming at the end too, I cried when he died.  Driving the hearse around the track really did me in. 

Next running movie to watch is Chariots of Fire. 

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  1. yes! I love prefontaine!! I have it on my dvr. I cry at all the same spots.

    Here's others you might want to watch: Run Fat Boy Run. Awesome one I love with Simon Pegg directed by David Schwimmer. I've watched it a few times and everytime I am at the edge of my seat yelling, go! go! GOOOO!