Sunday, March 11, 2012


What started as a 10 mile run, after 4 miles became an 8 mile run, then became a 7 mile run.

After we turned around at mile 4, I experienced dead legs. I don't remember this happening on a run before. I seriously felt like I was picking up bricks of concrete instead of my legs. I looked at my pace at one point and said we need to stop. I can walk faster than this. We walked for a bit but once we started running again the feeling was still there.

After running one lap around the cemetery we decided to go back to the car knowing we would be a mile short of 8. The groundskeepers were mowing grass which was bothering lesley and my legs were obviously not going to get any faster.

I'm disappointed we didn't do 10. The next two weekends I'm not going to be able to get in a long run bc of a 3k next weekend and the indoor tri the next.

The following weekend I had planned on doing 12 by myself bc lesley would be gone. Not sure if that 12 will stay a 12 or become at least a 10. I feel like I'm running out of weeks before the half and I still have a month and a half left.

On a side note I did not do any exercise on Thursday. I had lunch with some co workers, went with lesley to petsmart, on top of not feeling well, leaving me no time to get it in. Still keeping on though and hopefully that will be the only day in march I miss.

Anyone else have dead legs on a run? Do u fight through it and it will get better? Or do u bag the run?

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