Sunday, March 4, 2012

FREE entry, hotel, and travel? Yes, please!

My husband's work company, American Greetings, is one of the main sponsors of the Cleveland Marathon.  His plant is giving away two entries away to either the full, half, or 5K. He thinks only him and one other guy will actually enter the drawing.  Great odds!

The plant is also paying for hotel, food, and airfare or gas if we drive, plus he will get a day off work for traveling without it counting against his vacation days!  They unfortunately wont pay for me, but it's still cheaper than if we had to pay for both!!  They will reimburse us for gas if we drive so that way technically they would be paying for me to go to!

There's only a couple problems with this
#1- We are doing the Derby Marathon at the end of April - him the full and me the half - 3 weeks before this one.  Luckily both are flat courses and no matter what time we go in Cleveland it will at least be another state to cross off!

#2 - We also won't find out if he wins until a month before the Cleveland race. I just hope if he does win the drawing that the race wont be sold out and I can still get in to the half!


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  2. How cool!!!

    I am doing Cleveland next year, they have one of the coolest finisher medals

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