Thursday, March 1, 2012

Training for a Tri

My indoor triathlon is on March 25th.  I have been swimming and running separately, biking has been non-existent the past month.

So starting today, March 1 I'm going back to my exercising every day challenge (either 1 mile swimming, 1 mile running, 15 minutes on the bike, or do 30 day shred with weights) that I did in December and the first half of January.  I really think that helped me not gain weight over the holidays. And with the tri coming up it definitely wont hurt me!  I'm going to hopefully do some bricks at least once or twice a week.

It seems that my days during the week have been extremely busy lately, either with meetings or appointments or something.  I am good about setting a 30 day challenge and doing it (or if I don't starting over til I do). So this will make me get in shape for the tri and hopefully kick start my weight loss again! I need something to get me going again! Giving up soft drinks hasn't made a difference in that area like I hoped it would.

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