Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indoor Tri and a new PR

Jeremy went to Gatlinburg, TN for a guys weekend (I was sad he was gone), but while he was away I had a  great time! Friday night I met a couple friends for dinner and The Hunger Games movie, Saturday I went with Emily to visit our other two college roommates who leave a couple hours away, then I stayed the night at Emily's so we could do our indoor triathlon this morning!

I had talked my friend Emily into doing this with me a few weeks ago.  She has never done a triathlon, but it was at her home gym and she has been swimming for the past few months to get in shape, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to give a tri a try!

All weekend she was quizzing me on how it was going to go and what to wear and what to do.  Since I have done a couple sprint tri's but not an indoor tri I tried to answer her the best I could.

We got there early this morning and got our race area set up.  The swim part was for 20 minutes.  They had said we had to keep track of our laps, so I listed boys names to keep track of my counting.  I was able to do 1200 yards or 24 laps. I got all the way to X and couldnt think of a single boy's name until I got out of the pool!

We had a 5  min transition time between the swim and the bike and the bike and the run.  We were on spin bikes and the guy had the music going. It was fun, although I had to put my towel on my seat to keep my butt from hurting on the small bike seat!  I am used to my nice plush one at home!

Then it was time for the run. We had to do 21 laps around the indoor track to equal 3.1 miles.  I wore my garmin and my footpod to keep track of my distance and laps. Somehow though I was off and it was only 19 laps that equaled 3.1 miles!  I got a new PR though for a 5K by over a minute! My new time is 33:47 and that's AFTER having swam and biked!!  Which makes me super excited to do my first 5K this spring, but it's not until mid-May.

We did it!

Anyone see the Hunger Games this weekend? Did you like it? Love it?

 When is your first 5K this year? Any other races planned this spring?

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  1. Great job on your 5k PR especially after all that! I would have a hard time coming up with boy names too!

    I loved the books and really wanted to love the movie, but I only really liked it, not loved it, they made a lot of parts really vague and left out what were to me key details.